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Je Ne Sais Balayage...
Originating from France and known as the oldest form of highlighting, Balayage has been increasing in popularity in the United States in the last few years. Two years ago Keely traveled to New York City to study one on one with the world's premier Balayage artist, Nancy Braun. After completing the demanding certification program Keely is proud to hold the title of Loreal Professional Certified Balayage Artist.

"Searching for the most artistic and beautiful way to color hair led me to study the classic French Balayage technique. When Balayage is done well, there is close attention paid to the client's hair cut and face shape. You are literally painting the hair cut and bringing out your client's best features. There is so much more customization allowed when you hand-paint hair! Balayage clients love their subtle sun-kissed highlights and the fact that their hair looks more beautiful for longer between appointments." ~Keely

The result of Balayage highlights is more natural looking and has a softness that is often lost with foil highlights. The ideal Balayage client seeks beautiful, youthful highlights that give you a look like you've just returned from three weeks on the beach in St.Tropez!

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Keely Jardine and Nancy Braun at the Loreal Professional Academy in SoHo, New York

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